Perry & Thrust (Really Very Bad Day Edition)

Monday started out so well for presidential wannabe Rick Perry (R-Don’t Secede From Me Yet!).

From Politico Playbook:

–FIRST LOOK – NEW PERRY IOWA TV SPOT, “Doer” – The smiling governor, coatless and tieless, against a white background: “If you’re lookin’ for a slick politician or a guy with great TelePrompTer skills, we already HAVE that – and he’s destroying our economy. I’m a doer, not a talker. In Texas, we created 40 percent of the new jobs in the EN-tire country since June of 2009. And we cut a record $15 billion from our state budget. Now, they say we can’t do that in Washington. Well, they’re wrong, and THEY need to go. I’m Rick Perry, and I approve of this message.” YouTube

The new ad:


Excellent! Not to mention this New York Times piece headlined “Perry Presses for Second Look From Early Voters”:

With time running short before the first votes are cast in the Republican presidential contest, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is urgently trying to convince voters that his candidacy warrants a second look. He is retooling his campaign with a newly emphatic anti-Washington message and steering the race into a sharper ideological contrast with Mitt Romney . . .

“I’m a doer, not a talker,” Mr. Perry says in a new television commercial scheduled to air Monday in Iowa, in which he looks directly into the camera and tells voters that he is not “a slick politician.”

No kidding:


That video of a rambling, mugging, maple-syrup-hugging Perry at a Cornerstone event in New Hampshire last Friday might serve as his presidential-campaign epitaph MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted Monday night:


From “Doer” to done.

Rainy days and Monday always get Rick Perry down.

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