Mitt Romney Is A Moron

Quadrennial White House wannabe Mitt Romney (R-Oops! . . . I’m Running Again) has to be the least funny politician ever.

From Matt Viser’s toe-curling report in Friday’s Boston Globe Political Notebook about Romney’s campaign swing through Iowa:

When a woman dropped her camera on the floor, and the batteries spilled out, Romney cracked: “You’ve got to get them in the right order or the pictures will be upside down. Just kidding.’’

But the real e-Viser-ation was this:

By the time he got to his last stop, in Council Bluffs, Romney delivered what at times felt like a stand-up comedy routine. In describing his economic proposal, he said: “I’ve got a 59-step program. The guys at Alcoholics Anonymous would say, ‘59 steps is too many.’ ’’

Rule #1: No teetotaler should ever make an Alcoholics Anonymous joke.



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4 Responses to Mitt Romney Is A Moron

  1. CAvard says:


  2. says:

    more like a weasil. I dont believe anything that comes out of that mans mouth. You can watch him think out loud about how to answer his question as it pertains to the audience thats watching.

  3. lynn says:

    It is a sad day when someone like him is even NOMINATED as a presidential candidate. Today I truly understand that Republicans are more concerned with wealth than intelligence!!! I mean, George Dubya???

  4. Kabeer says:

    “What America needs is jobs” – That’s the only plan Romney has got for saving Americans. Romney you Moron, that is a high level objective, do you your homework and come back with a plan.

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