Occupy Wall Street Goes Commercial

The Occupy Everything set has apparently gotten fed up with establishment media drive-by hits like this and this from the Wall Street Journal.

So the Occupyniks have decided to create their own media vehicles, starting with print publications ranging from the The Occupied Wall Street Journal to The Occupy Boston Globe (via the indispensable Dan Kennedy).

It’s all part of Occupy Wall Street, the Brand according to Advertising Age:

Many conservative commentators — and even some liberal wags — have complained about how mushy the Occupy Wall Street movement can seem. (“What are their specific demands?” Or: “They have way too many weird and specific demands!”) But I think what’s remarkable about the movement — and is a huge part of the reason it’s gained traction so quickly — is that “Occupy” has turned out to be an incredibly powerful and extensible brand. From Occupy Together as a general rubric for protests beyond Wall Street, to the slew of city-specific protests (Occupy San Francisco, Occupy DC, Occupy London, etc.), the notion of Occupy clearly resonates.

And it may soon resonate on local television screens.

Via AlterNet:

Conservative groups are currently running ads on cable news accusing Occupy Wall Street of anti-Semitism. Right-wing media, and even the Republican National Committee, are piling on those attacks.

Soon, however, Occupy Wall Street will begin running a television ad of its own. The ad features a diverse set of protesters speaking directly into the camera what they hope the movement will achieve. Here it is:

This is getting interesting, no?

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