Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Twofer Edition)

The Geezerati are always in season during an election year, and this one is no exception. Especially spry is AARP, which has launched yet another ad campaign to tell politicians, Don’t make us stop this car:


Transcript (via Kaiser Health News):

I’m not a number.  I’m not a line item on a budget. And I’m definitely not a pushover. But I am a voter. So, Washington, before you even think about cutting my Medicare and Social Security benefits, here’s a number you should remember:  50 million. We are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits.  And you will be hearing from us.  Today and on election day.

Some Washington lawmakers are hearing also from the House Majority PAC, which supports Democratic House candidates and just launched a six-figure ad campaign targeting several House Republicans, according to ABC’s The Note:

According to the PAC, the new campaign is meant to hold “House Republicans accountable for protecting profits for companies that ship jobs overseas and for voting to lower taxes for Wall Street and millionaires while middle class families are struggling on Main Street. The ads start today and run for a week.” Targets include Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., Rep. Charlie Bass, R-N.H., Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, and Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisc.

Here’s the ad attacking Wisconsin’s Duffy, “whose favorite meal is steak and sushi” and who “says he’s ‘struggling’ on his $174,000 salary” (not to mention who “voted for tax cuts for millionaires, tax cuts for Wall Street, even to protect profits for companies that ship jobs overseas):


Nut graf :

While Sean Duffy struggles to keep sushi on his table, maybe he should work to keep food on ours.


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