The Warren Watch (pat. pending)

Lots of media action around Elizabeth Warren – good, bad, and . . . unattractive (ugly is such an ugly word).

The good: This largely laudatory profile in Vanity Fair.

The bad (for Tim Geithner): This flashback via techPresident.

This YouTube video plays a cameo role in the new profile of Elizabeth Warren, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau architect turned U.S. Senate candidate, that appears in November’s issue of Vanity Fair. The video, writes Suzanna Andrews, may be part of the reason why Warren never had the chance to lead the agency she built:

But with Daley and Geithner—one of Obama’s closest advisers—sharing center stage, the balance of power in the debate over Warren shifted. Geithner would never criticize Warren publicly—and indeed, as a Treasury spokesperson says, he “has expressed his support and admiration for Professor Warren many times”—but few people in Washington doubted that he remained opposed to her candidacy. To at least one person who saw them in meetings together it appeared that “he looked down on her for no apparent or justifiable reason.” As for Warren, if one mentions the video “Elizabeth Warren Makes Timmy Geithner Squirm,” she says nothing, but an impish smile crosses her face.

The unattractive: This video compliments of Mass GOP (tip o’ the pixel: @reillyadam).

Caption: “Throw Rocks” highlights the unapologetically violent rhetoric of Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren, including her promise to “throw rocks” at people.


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