Tumblr Class (Warfare)

Sunday’s New York Times featured a piece about the online occupations of the Occupy Wall Street set.

Among them: the WeArethe99Percent blog on Tumbler.

As it happens, the hardworking staff is also a Tumblrer, so we checked out the blog and this is some of what we found:

I am 59 years old with a Master’s degree. I do not have a full time job. I have four part time jobs. I never stop working. My $40,000 in student loan debt has become $60,000 from periodic  forbearance. My payments are $400.00 a month, which I pay most of the year (when it is not in periodic forbearance, which is not often). My credit card companies raised my interest rates from 18% to 31% even though I have never been late with one payment. I make minimum payments every month – for years – the debt doesn’t go down. I will be dead,and these debts will never be paid.  I have healthcare because my wife goes to work at a job she hates everyday.  We are grateful for that. We are grateful for the work we are a.ble to do. We are grateful that now our voices will be heard


I am over 25,000$ in debt. I have serious panic and anxiety attacks but the medication costs 150$ a month. Im a single parent who can’t afford to live on my own. Half of my family can’t find work (father, neice, brother ) and the rest of us cannot afford to live on our own (me, sister, her adult son) so we live together. My daughter sleeps on a mattress on the floor in my room, and i work so much i often get less than 1 hour a day to spend with her. My other sister found work on the road, so im taking care of her two boys as well. I’m forced to call about bills each month to tell them i can’t pay till next month. I travel and work 60hrs a week as a manager, and yet i still make less than the cost of living. My mother died last year because she couldn’t afford the treatment she needed to attempt to survive, and now my father is sick as well. Im worried that my daughter will have a worse life than the hell we live in now. I have worked my life away for the last 14yrs and i can pack everything i own into the back of a pickup truck because i sold everything else to pay bills. I hope the 1% understand i will fight for a better country for my daughter, so if it comes to that… Im happy i can say… WE ARE THE 99% we need liveable wages, a ban on outsourcing, CEO wage caps, return of real benefits, raise min wage and freeze inflation!


I grew up in a mill town in West Michigan

The mill closed 15 years ago after a corporation purchased it to “eliminate competition”.  Hundreds were unemployed as a result.

I went to college so I wouldn’t have to work in a car parts factory like the majority of friends I went to High School with who come home coughing up blood after working 11+ hour shifts.

Graduated with a 3.4 GPA and $40,000 in debt.

Unemployed and living with my mother who makes $12,000 a year.

Wal-Mart wouldn’t hire me, saying I was OVERQUALIFIED.

My Dad is in his mid-60s and nowhere near retiring.

My credit is shot due to unpaid medical bills.

I will never own a house.

I lost the majority of my belongings in an apartment fire last year.  The landlord neglected to put in either fire detectors or a fire extinguisher in the building.  He has evaded all my attempts to recover my $600 security deposit.

I have $2.85 in my bank account.

Despite this, I consider myself one of the fortunate members of the 99%


Not surprisingly, many of the comments about WeArethe99Percent go something like this:

So I follow wearethe99percent…

which is the blog of the OccupyWallstreet movement. People go on there and post their testimonials and the hardships they go through—it is the most depressing shit ever.  

It also feels like the most underreported shit ever – the Times piece notwithstanding.

Or is the hardworking staff missing something?

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