What Did You Wear In The (Class) War, Mommy?

In the ’60s, the question was What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

Nowadays it’s all about the clothes – at least according to New York magazine’s The Cut blog:

If You Haven’t Been Dressing Up to Protest on Wall Street, You’re Doing It Wrong

A protest within a protest is beginning to emerge in the Occupy Wall Street movement. One blogger–protester believes that this stand against greed and materialism would be strengthened if her comrades just pretended like they were into that kind of thing themselves. Andrea Chalupa suggests in her Huffington Post essay that the best way to beat the enemy is to dress like them:

When my friend and I met up last week to go to Occupy Wall Street, I wore my long flowing pin stripe skirt, a black-and-white vintage blouse, and a nude pair of shiny ballet flats. After the police brutality at the start of the occupation, dressing chic seemed both a fun and safe thing to do. If the NYPD tried to arrest me for marching, I would simply say, “Excuse me, I was on my way to Tiffany to buy a watch.” If you look like you can spend money — even if you can’t — they’re more likely to leave you alone.

No advice, though, about the best outfits to be tasered in.



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3 Responses to What Did You Wear In The (Class) War, Mommy?

  1. Best outfits to be tasered in?


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