Look Up ‘Squander’ In The Dictionary (II) . . .

. . . and you still get a picture of this:

Game 5 of the ALDS Tigers-Yankees tilt was by far the worst for a Made Yankee Fan in Boston:

Bases loaded, one out in the Yankees 4th – zero runs.

Bases loaded, one out in the Yankees 7th – one run (thanks to a two-out walk).

Bottom of the 8th, Derek Jeter – who has taken called strikes all through the series to let Brett Gardner steal second – inexplicably does not when Gardner has second totally stolen, flying out to end the inning.

Bottom of the 9th, Alex Rodriguez predictably strikes out to end the Yankees’ season.

The very definition of Gone Fishin’.

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1 Response to Look Up ‘Squander’ In The Dictionary (II) . . .

  1. A-Rod, CC, Swisher, Texeira all came up small; only Cano and Grandy acquitted themselves well. Sad to see it end like this for Posada. Choke artists. Montero, Cano & Grandy seem to be the only offensive bright spots for 2012. A-Rod is signed forever and will continue to deteriorate. I might consider letting CC opt out, then sign CJ Wilson and another quality pitcher. Otherwise, if you extend his contract, you have CC looking like a Sumo wrestler and trying to pitch at age 38. Can’t get over what playoff stiffs Tex & A-Rod are. Tex is a $100 million defensive replacement.

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