It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Red Sox Drinking Edition)

First, of course, you had the Boston Herald’s John Tomase reporting that Boston Red Sox pitchers were drinking beer in the clubhouse on their off days, which Boston Globe sportswriters (with the notable exception of Nick Cafardo) pretty much pilfered without attribution.

Now this, from Monday’s Inside Track:

From the Things-That-Make-You-Go-What-The . . . ? File: Just hours after Red Sox [team stats] skipper Terry Francona was kicked to the curb, team captainJason Varitek [stats] and closer Jonathan Papelbon [stats] partied at Strega Waterfront, popping champagne and yukking it up in front of a roomful of shocked diners.

“The place was packed,” said Someone Who Was There. “They came in with a couple of ladies and went into one of the side rooms, but there’s a glass wall and everyone could see them.

“People were taking pictures with their phones. It was the talk of the entire place.”

Although a team source swore the two were not toasting the demise of Tito, the timing of Friday night’s end-of-a-sorry-season celebration was lousy at best. It came amid reports that Francona had been whacked because he lost control of the clubhouse and that pitchers were drinking beer during games on their off days.

And if that weren’t bad enough, while the closer and the catcher were making merry, the TVs over the bar at Strega were broadcasting Tampa Bay’s 9-0 victory over Texas!

“Either they didn’t care or they didn’t get it,” said our spywitness. “Papelbon, who blew the last game of the season, and Varitek were out drinking champagne after their boss just got fired.”

Boston Globe version:

[Friday night] Sox battery Jonathan Papelbon and Jason Varitek were enjoying themselves at Strega

Can you say “clueless”? I knew you could.

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2 Responses to It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Red Sox Drinking Edition)

  1. Al says:

    What were they supposed to do, hide in a cave, or a spider hole (to use a Saddamism)? They went out to dinner. That’s not clueless. If the tabloid media arm of the Globe hadn’t chosen to put it on its gossip page, it would be an unknown story. As it is, it’s a so what story.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      I didn’t say Papelbon and Varitek were clueless, Al (although they kind of were – celebrate in a less ostentatious way, no?). I said the Globe was clueless. The Herald nailed the context.

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