WSJ To Red Sox Nation: You’re An A-Hed!

The Wall Street Journal devotes it A-Hed today to the legions of short-suffering Red Sox fans:

With Boston’s Historic Collapse, Red Sox Fans Are Back to Blue

After Team Fails to Win Playoff Spot, a City Mourns; ‘Like a Bad Hangover’

Now that the Sox have folded like origami, it’s all over but the finger-pointing, the Journal notes.

Start with blaming the fans . . .

People are disgusted by the historic choke, but no one can agree on who or what to blame.

Already an undercurrent was bubbling up that the team had become arrogant, drawing Johnny-come-lately fans who wear pink Sox caps and don’t care that much whether or not the team loses.

“The wine-and-cheese crowd,” said Vito DiGregoria, a 52-year-old Boston schoolteacher and lifelong Sox fan.

Toss in some hatin’ on Neil Diamond . . .

For many, a sign of lost passion is that every game, fans ignore any troubles on the field and jump up in the eighth inning to belt out Neil Diamond’s song “Sweet Caroline.”

Even when the Sox floundered this season, “the fans, they didn’t care, they were singing like nothing happened,” said Mr. DiGregoria, who added, “I hate that song. It’s stupid.”

And top it off with a shot to the head . . .

“Something happened psychologically to this team,” said Mark John Bowler, a golf caddie, as he tapped a finger to each temple.

Now you’re ready to begin. The Hot Stove League.

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3 Responses to WSJ To Red Sox Nation: You’re An A-Hed!

  1. Yankee fans should just leave this one alone.

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