WSJ: The Fine Art Of The Choke

This Wall Street Journal piece on Wednesday morning very artistically anticipated the Boston Red Sox implosion Wednesday night.

The Fine Art of the Choke

The Boston Red Sox have had a grisly September. They’ve blown a nine-game lead in the American League wild-card race and stand on the verge of completing one of the most shameful collapses in baseball history. As any Boston fan knows, this isn’t the first time a Red Sox season has ended in carnage and woe. In fact, if you look closely at some of the great art works throughout history, you’ll see the occasional, subtle reference to the team’s struggles. Here are four examples: Paul Cezanne’s “The Smoker”; Caravaggio’s “Medusa”; Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Son”; and Jacques-Louis David’s “The Death of Marat.”

Helpful Hurtful illustrations:

Who’s your Papi now, (Jacques-Louis) David?

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2 Responses to WSJ: The Fine Art Of The Choke

  1. CAvard says:

    Don’t forget the 2004 ALCS, John. The Yankees aren’t off the hook because the Red Sox choked last night.

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