Perry & Thrust (Peggy Noonan Edition)

This week’s Wall Street Journal column from Peggy Noonan (the not-so-Noodnik twin) pretty much eviscerates GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry (R-Neville Chamberlain Patrol).

Noonan contrasts Pres. Obama’s turn at the U.N. (“Mr. Obama’s speech Wednesday at the United Nations was good. It was strong because it was clear, and it was clear because he didn’t rely on the thumping clichés and vapidities he’s lately embraced”) with Perry’s statement on the Mideast the previous day:

The Obama administration’s policy, the Texas governor said, amounts to “appeasement.” It has encouraged “an ominous act of bad faith.” We are “at the precipice of such a dangerous move” because the Obama administration is “arrogant, misguided and dangerous.” “Moral equivalency” is “a dangerous insult.”

Noonan’s conclusion:

[I]n his first foreign-policy foray, the GOP front-runner looked like a cheap, base-playing buffoon.

And that was before Perry’s performance in last night’s Grand Old Panderthon. Wonder how Noonan feels now.

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