Pro-Bachmann PAC Manhandles Rick Perry’s Wife

As the incredible shrinking Michele Bachmann (R-Can You see Me Now?) watches her presidential primary campaign go down like the Hindenburg, her friends – such as the Keep Conservatives United PAC – are trying to come to her rescue.

Their latest effort, currently on Iowa TV airwaves:


But conservative blogeteria Pajamas Media has hit back with this:

Bachmann Super-PAC Runs False Ad Attacking Rick Perry’s Wife

Michele Bachmann looks increasingly desperate — sinking in the polls, money drying up, and now flailing away at the wife of one of her opponents. Check out the ad just released by a Bachmann super-PAC ironically called “Keep Conservatives United.”

The post continues: “Several years and an entirely different field (osteoporosis) separate Mrs. Perry’s consulting work from the Gardasil controversy, and Rick Perry wasn’t even governor yet.”

The hardworking staff is not sure what the truth is here; then again the hardworking staff is not sure that the truth matters here.

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