Hey Guy, Where You Goin’ With That Mike In Your Hand?

Weekend All Things Considered host Guy Raz is a music enthusiast with a wide range of interests, which are reflected in the segments he does on his weekly NPR programs.

Yesterday’s show included a story about the Monterey Jazz Festival 2011 that featured this exchange between Raz and correspondent Patrick Jarenwattananon (who was there writing for NPR’s A Blog Supreme):

Guy Raz: Patrick, give me a sense of  perspective – you were talking about 5000 people watching one show – how big is the festival? What are we talking about here?

Patrick Jarenwattananon: Around 40,000 people come through the entire weekend. That’s actually over all eight stages and all three days, so a lot of them, you know, do end up sticking to the main arena, just to see the headliners, you know, like Huey Lewis and The News played yesterday and a –

GR: Wait, hold on hold on hold on – Huey Lewis – the Power of Love Huey Lewis?

PW: Yeah, the Power of  Love Huey Lewis . . .

GR: Isn’t that a little weird?

PW: Yeah, oftentimes these days they’ll book musicians who aren’t necessarily jazz to fill in those times slots – I guess it’s kinda hip to be square these days . . .

Guy, Patrick – climb into the Wayback Machine with me and let’s swing by the 1967 Monterey Jazz Festival, where Jimi Hendrix submitted this classic performance:

Admittedly, Huey Lewis and The News is a big comedown from Hendrix, but some historical perspective might’ve helped in this case, no?

UPDATE: From our Emily Litella desk

Actually, that Hendrix performance was at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

So . . . never mind.

(And apologies to Guy and Patrick.)

Still, always good to see that Hendrix clip.

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