Yankee Fan Says ‘Go, Sox!’

Pennant races are funny things, starting with they’re not really pennant races anymore – they’re postseason races. Regardless, once you begin scoreboard watching, you introduce a whole new geometry into the standings.

Take Saturday’s AL East games, for instance. The Yankees had already beaten the Blue Jays 7-6 (and can I get an Amen for the great Rivera and his 601 lifetime saves?) when the Red Sox and Rays went at it in the lyric little bandbox.

So Made Yankee Fan in Boston gets to wondering, what’s the best result for me here?

1) If the Sox win, they remain 3 1/2 games back and the Rays fall 8 1/2 games behind the Yanks.

2) If the Rays win, they remain 7 1/2 back, the Sox fall to 4 1/2 back.

3) Seven of the Yankees’ last 11 games are vs. the Rays.

MYFiB  thinks, all due respect to the Sox, my best bet is for the Rays to lose.

But they didn’t.

Sunday’s games, of course, will usher in a whole nother equation, depending on whether the Yankees win or lose. But one thing remains constant:

Pennant Fever Grips Hardworking Staff!

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