WSJ’s Red Sox Notion

The Wall Street Journal’s read on the current state of Red Sucks Nation:

Something seriously disturbing is unfolding in Boston.

The Red Sox pitching is collapsing. Their expensive free agents are playing like loaves of challah. A nine-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays has been cleaved in half.

But as the Sox and Rays prepare for a crucial weekend series, Bostonians—the people who essentially invented modern sports fatalism—are exhibiting symptoms of a new and unprecedented affliction: They are not panicking enough.

The Journal piece has Boston Globe columnist Dan (Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Dan Shaughnessy) Shaughnessy and former Red Sox idiot Kevin Millar attributing the lack of handwringing to the Wagnerian trashing of the New York Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.

WSJ writer Matthew Futterman also offers this priceless pasage:

If there’s such a thing as being lulled into complacency by success, Boston may be a test case. The Red Sox have made five more trips to the baseball playoffs since 2004 and won a second title in 2007. The NFL’s New England Patriots, NBA’s Celtics and NHL’s Bruins have all chipped in titles of their own. The city has hosted so many parades its official bird might as well be confetti.

But, as Futterman also points out:

A season-torching collapse by the Red Sox is still possible. And if this team does blow the wild-card race, it wouldn’t just be a mildly embarrassing meltdown; it would rank among the 10 most calamitous in baseball over the past 70 years.

Cut to David Ortiz: “Hell yeah, you’ve got to panic.”

Hell yeah, especially since the Sox dropped another one to the Rays last night.

(Made Yankee Fan in Boston disclaimer: The Yanks could very easily melt down faster than the Sox. Just saying.)

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2 Responses to WSJ’s Red Sox Notion

  1. toosoxy says:

    There are still games left… sigh. Yes. Time to panic.

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