All The News That’s Fit To Print – Two Weeks Later

The New York Times has finally caught up with Michael Bloomberg’s religion ban at the Ground Zero memorial ceremony on Sunday. From today’s front page piece:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has come under attack by some religious and political leaders for not including clergy members as speakers at Sunday’s official ceremony at ground zero on the 10th anniversary of the attacks . . .

At the same time, some evangelical Christian leaders said they were outraged that an interfaith prayer service planned by the Washington National Cathedral did not include a Southern Baptist or other evangelical minister.

What the piece fails to mention is that Bloomberg’s been under attack for weeks, but the Times – and the major broadcast networks – have ignored it up to now. From conservative watchdog Media Research Center earlier this week:

Since the Wall Street Journal first reported on the exclusion of religion from the ceremony on August 24, ABC, CBS, and NBC have run 71 segments (Nexis searches of 9/11 OR September 11 from August 24 to September 4) mentioning 9/11. Not one of them mentioned the controversy over the absence of religious participation at the Ground Zero ceremony on 9/11.

Given that the Times serves as the assignment desk for the Big Three networks, don’t be surprised if you see something tonight.

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