Dead Blogging The GOP Presidential Primary Debate

Full disclosure: The hardworking staff only saw the first and last half-hours of Wednesday night’s MSNBC Republican presidential primary slapfight, but a little of this crowd goes a long way.

So . . .

• If you picked “Ronald Reagan” for your drinking game, you were knee-walking by 8:15.

• Rick Perry (R-Madoff Like a Bandit) should buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, since he sidestepped virtually every question he was asked (see especially his climate change cha-cha), except the one about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme, which he jumped right in front of.

• Michele Bachmann (R-Big Hair Country), who lost her campaign team on Monday, lost her mojo on Wednesday.

• Wait – Mitt Romney (R-I’m Not Rick Perry) and Newt Gingrich (R-I’m Not Callista Gingrich) got questions about Ben Bernanke, but Rick “Bernanke Is Treasonous” Perry didn’t? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

• The audience cheered 234 Texas executions? Whiskey Tango etc. (Props to moderator Brian Williams for asking Perry: WTF?)

• Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain: Ave atque vale.

• Ron Paul (R-X Factor) is the player to be named later.

P.S. Did MSNBC’s new squawk show mouthpiece Al Sharpton actually refer to Galileo as “Galeo” in the cable net’s endless post-mortem?

MSNBC: Say it isn’t show.

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6 Responses to Dead Blogging The GOP Presidential Primary Debate

  1. CAvard says:

    I spent my night watching amazing television. When you get a chance John, watch this week’s Frontline episode. It’s Faith & Doubt at Ground Zero. Too powerful for words. Frontline did an amazing job. One of the people featured in the two-hour special edition was the former curator of MoMA. Glad I watched that and not the GOP debate.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    I would suspect that Frontline would be better television than any debate, be it Republican, Democratic, or one where both parties are represented.

    The debate format has devolved into an opportunity to create sound bites….about as informative as, say, a press briefing at the White House.

  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    Let me check; yep, it’s 2011 CE. That means it’s possible to watch a debate AND record some other show, or record the debate and watch something else in most cases. So I reversed my usual procedure and recorded Keith Olbermann while watching MSNBC in real time. Anyway, two quick observations. 999 upside-down is 666…bad choice of numbers, Herman Cain! (Should also note that during the tribute to RWR, his name was given in full, and each name has SIX letters!) With regard to the number of executions in TX, I understand that the New Yorker magazine this week or last (magazine dates are a trifle confusing) has a lengthy (this is the New Yorker after all) piece on the background of the Cameron Todd Willingham mistrial and execution in Texas. Just before the 2004 election, the magazine then known as The Atlantic Monthly ran a lengthy (this was The Atlantic Monthly after all) piece on the numerous executions in Texas under George W. Bush’s watch that were highly suspect. It may be time for The Atlantic (as it’s now yclept) to do a follow-up piece on Rick Perry. Fun Fact: the FCC has licensed a radio station with the call letters KWTF in Bogeda Bay, near Santa Rosa, California, at 88.1 on the FM dial.

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