Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (NYT Basic Mistake Edition)

From our All the News That’s Fit to Print a Day After Campaign Outsider desk:

Friday New York Times The Caucus item:

Ad by Group Supporting Bachmann Assails Perry

When Representative Michele Bachmann hits the campaign trail, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Mrs. Bachmann never mentions her rival Mr. Perry, who in a matter of weeks since he entered the Republican race for the 2012 nomination has captured a fair share of her Tea Party base.

But a political action committee that supports Mrs. Bachmann is not nearly so discreet. An advertisement it has created attacks Mr. Perry for raising spending in Texas and borrowing to cover deficits . . .

The ad opens with an image of Gov. Perry in a cowboy hat and the question, “Tea Party Guy?’’

Uh, no. Actually, that image –

– appears 20 seconds into the ad.

Not to get technical about it.

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