Why Mitt Romney’s ‘Clarifications’ Never Help

Short answer: Because he’s clueless.

Exhibit Umpteen, via Tuesday’s Boston Globe:

Romney says Calif. home is doubling, not quadrupling

Mitt Romney has a clarification for those tweaking him for planning to quadruple the size of his oceanfront home in California. It’s only doubling in size if you count normal living space.

Oh, yes – normal living space. The hardworking staff forgot about that part.

“It’s not accurate, Romney said, simply,’’ according to [Manchester Union Leader publisher Joe] McQuaid. “The application he made, two years ago, was to double the living space by turning one story into two. The ‘quadrupling’ was a measurement of added nonliving space, including a basement and garage.’’

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Aug. 20 that Romney planned to bulldoze his 3,009-square-foot, single-story home in coastal La Jolla and replace it with a two-story, 11,062-square-foot structure.

In that story, a Romney aide declined to comment. Later, as the former Massachusetts governor began to face criticism over the project, Romney aides clarified that the project would not begin until after the 2012 election.

Oh, yes – after the 2012 election. The hardworking staff forgot about that part.

Then again, maybe Romney’s staff should be working harder to avoid stuff like this.

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4 Responses to Why Mitt Romney’s ‘Clarifications’ Never Help

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Romney’s right from the perspective of a realtor or real estate owner: basement and garage area is not normally included in calculations of a house’s floor area. (Realtors differ in opinion as to how to include the area of a fully finished basement.)

    But you’re right to imply that these distinctions get lost on the general voter, who will probably just think about Romney’s seaside McMansion getting supersized.

  2. BP Myers says:

    He should just point out he’s got something like 47 kids and 198 grandchildren. There’s absolutely no reason for him to be defensive about it. It’s almost sad to watch.

  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    Why after the 2012 election? Why not do it right after he drops out of the race?

  4. Al says:

    You have to wonder about the fumbling and changing explanation. Can it be that he was upset about having to kneel to Jim DeMint and his SC tea party associates, and thus was not on top of his game?

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