Let The Rick Perry-And-Thrust Begin! (Romney Iowa Edition)

On NPR’s All Things Considered Wednesday, host Robert Siegel had this exchange with reporter Don Gonyea:

SIEGEL: Don, in his campaign so far, Mitt Romney has really not campaigned against his Republican rivals. He’s kept the focus on campaigning against Barack Obama. He hopes he’ll be the nominee next year.

Now that there’s a poll out showing that Rick Perry has surged ahead of him, do you hear anything different from the Romney campaign about what he’s going to say about his Republican rivals?

GONYEA: So far, the focus has been on President Obama and a general election matchup, but his team will be looking at those poll numbers today and they may, indeed, realize that they need to start going after Governor Perry.

Cut to the Des Moines Register’s invaluable Iowa Caucuses blog:

Romney beefs up Iowa leadership team – with two Pawlenty supporters

That’s Exhibit A in Romney’s reassessment of ceding the Iowa caucuses to . . . well, Rick Perry right now.

Meanwhile, anyone else wondering how Mitt’s feeling about longtime consigliere Eric Fehrnstrom’s @CrazyKhazei capers on behalf of his other major client, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Am I Inoculated Yet?).

Blue Mass Group has all the details.

We’re guessing Eric’s in the red with both his meal tickets.

P.S. Can @ScarinWarren be far behind?

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