A (Jason) Gay Old Time For Kim & Kris

The hardworking staff has long been an unabashed fan of the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay (evidence here), and his column today is no exception:

A Brooklyn Bash for Kim and Kris?

It’s the most significant NBA transaction of the summer. Or the only NBA transaction of the summer.

This past weekend in the fantasy seascape near Santa Barbara, Calif., New Jersey Nets forward (and aspiring would-be free agent) Kris Humphries married his introverted sweetheart, Kim Kardashian, who is known by millions as the host of “Kim Kardashian’s Berkshires Countryside Quilting Hour” on PBS. (Or something like that.) The couple’s wedding photos, reportedly purchased for $1.5 million, will soon appear in a special commemorative issue of The Economist. (Please double-check that, too.)

But if you missed that shindig, Gay says, don’t worry:

Friends of the couple, including the publisher of Gotham magazine, Jason Binn, have graciously offered to throw Mr. and Mrs. Humphries a downtown wedding reception in New York City on August 31. Your invite, carried by a pair of singing pink doves, should arrive at any moment.

This is a reasonable idea. If you’re going to have the wedding of a lifetime in Southern California, you may as well spike the ball in New York.

But why isn’t this party happening in Brooklyn? As I’ve been telling anyone who will listen for months, Humphries should stay on as a Net, and the Humpdashian Revolution can migrate to Brooklyn.

Where the New Jersey Nets will play (assuming the NBA stops equalling No Basketball Action) a year from now.

Much Brooklynite humor ensues in Gay’s piece.

Well worth the read.

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