Campaign Outsider Bookmark Club (pat. pending)

With the chin-strokerati furiously, well, chin-stroking nowadays, the hardworking staff thought it would be a public service to keep track of their predictions.

So, Bookmark #1:

In his latest Boston Herald column, WTKK squawker Michael Graham predicts that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Ben Bernanke Must Die!) will pulverize former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Are We in Iowa Yet?) in the GOP presidential primary.

Mitt Romney can’t even win a one-on-one with himself. Just throw the phrase “Romneycare” [actually a “term,” not to get technical about it] at him and watch him rope-a-dope himself to the mat.

Graham’s conclusion:

This will be the perfect Perry warm-up for Obama, a race where jobs and health care reform would also be front and center. Romney (47th in job creation as governor) will have to go negative. And the more negative Romney goes, the better for Perry. It lets him battle through his weaknesses before he gets to the big fight with the president.

Which leaves Romney as little more than Perry’s sparring partner. Romney’s campaign is so out of its league, staffers told reporters they thought their biggest challenger was . . . Tim Pawlenty.

Unfortunately for Mitt, that’s probably true. Pawlenty could have given Romney a run for his money. And look where he is now. Officially out of the race.

Rick Perry is the Republican Rocky Balboa [trailer]. He’s just gonna keep comin’.

Romney hasn’t got a chance.

As every journalist has said at some point: Time will tell.

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