Bright Verizon

As the strike against Verizon by 45,000 unionized workers (6,000 of them in Massachusetts) enters its second week, the telecommunications company has entered the second phase of its public-image advertising campaign.

Verizon has been running full-page advertisements in the Boston Globe (and perhaps elsewhere) since the start of the strike. The first wave of ads featured what were represented as Verizon employees.

But as the two sides have grown testier, Verizon’s ad campaign has become more confrontational (see all ads here).

That’s also smart marketing: Why shouldn’t Verizon workers kick in just like the majority of Globe readers do?

Rebuttal, Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers?

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3 Responses to Bright Verizon

  1. Al says:

    The striking workers have a gripe about Verizon, particularly with their high corporate profits, but if they (the strikers) don’t get their behavior in line, any sympathy the public might have for their plight, will be out the window.

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