Dead Blogging The Red Sox-Yankees Game

From our Made Yankee Fan in Boston desk:

#1:  The hardworking staff is getting too old for this shit. Except, of course, it’s too riveting to look away from.

#2: Marco Scutaro? Really?

To save time, let’s just fast-forward to the bottom of the ninth and the great Mariano Rivera’s blown save, which was actually Yankee third baseman Eduardo Nunez’s blown save (for failing to cover third on Jacoby Ellsbury’s bunt) according to ESPN color commentator Bobby Valentine. (“Nunez cost Mariano Rivera a save and he knows it” – “he” being both of them, one guesses.)

Cut to the top of the 10th: When Robinson Cano’s bat went further than the ball, the hardworking staff got a very bad feeling. And when Nick Swisher (!) got caught looking, it was all over but the shouting of Red Sox Nation.

Oh, well. Let’s talk again in October.

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2 Responses to Dead Blogging The Red Sox-Yankees Game

  1. Steve Stein says:

    The oddest thing about the great career of Mariano Rivera is his (relative) inability to close out the Red Sox, especially at Fenway.

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