Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Rick Perry Edition)

There’s so much money pouring into the 2012 presidential campaign, ads are now running for candidates who haven’t even entered the race.

Exhibit $: Super PAC Jobs for Iowa has launched a two-week flight of TV spots promoting the presidential campaign of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Nothing Succeeds Like Secession), who – not to get technical about it – has failed to start running for president.

Via The Daily Caller:

What if there were a well-funded group pushing for a Rick Perry candidacy? It turns out there is.

On Monday, the super PAC Jobs for Iowa released an ad aimed at the first-in-the country state. The spot, “What If,” touts Perry’s time in Texas, in which the governor was actually present when jobs were created. It also mentions that Texas has “no deficit” and a “decade of balanced budgets.”

The ad ends with its own question and answer:

What if we had a better option for President? We do. Rick Perry.

Not to get technical about it, but we don’t. At least not yet.

Regardless, here’s the ad:

You can fact-check the Perry record here and here.

Perry on.






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