WCVB Jumps The Shark

Via Mediaite:

Boston Man Jumps Off Boat To Ride A Shark (And Videotapes Entire Thing)

What is the best part of this news story from Boston’s WCVB about a fisherman who decided to jump off his boat and ride a shark for fun? Is it the fact that the man, Erik Jacobs, video taped the whole thing? Is it the fact that the shark was 15 feet long? Is it the fact that the “ar” sound in shark really pops thanks to Jacob’s awesome Boston accent? No. The best part of this story is the sub headline that WCVB uses in their Internet write up:

“Wildlife Officials Say Ride Dangerous”

Gee, you think?


This guy’s an even bigger idiot than the WCVB captioneer.

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7 Responses to WCVB Jumps The Shark

  1. Al says:

    Remember when WCVB was considered one of the best, if not the best in the country. Now, jumped the shark is just a polite way of saying they long ago descended into buffoonery.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      The game has changed, Al. They’re just scrambling to keep up.

      • Al says:

        CO: I get that the game has changed. WHDH started that when Ed Ansin came into the picture and used the Olympics to catapult into the lead with his frenetic slash and burn style. I just don’t approve of it, and have worn out my remote clicking away when the nonsense gets too much. Even NECN, which used to be the adult in the crowd has converted to fluff and fun since Comcast took full control. I’d just like some place where I can learn what’s going on without all the foolishness that is local broadcast news today.

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        The sad thing when Ansin came on the scene: ‘CVB had something different and substantial but jumped way too soon to become an ‘HDH wannabe. Problem was, ‘CVB was never any good at that style of news. If they had stuck with what they were doing, they’d be that alternative you – and a whole bunch of other people – are looking for.

  2. Peter says:

    Well, as you smugly snipe at the sub headline with your thoughtful “duh”, consider that a basking shark is only dangerous if you are plankton. WCVB correctly attributes the headline to wildlife officials trying to discourage copycats. The biggest risk a basking shark poses is scratching you with their rough skin.

  3. Al says:

    Not to flog a dead horse, WBZ, or CBS4 as their bosses like to think of them, upped the ante in the ridiculous story contest. with this entry. This evening’s news at 5:30 PM had a story, complete with shaky cellphone video of a family driving down the highway with a large snake coming out from under the hood looking through the windshield. As the story goes, some cars passing them by were put out that they didn’t stop and let the snake off. What am I bid from WHDH 7, and NECN in the parade of idiotic news?

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