Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Gang Of Three Edition)

A trifecta tonight in the adstravaganza that is Campaign 2012.

Exhibit A: TPay Ups the Ante in Iowa

Tim Pawlenty (R-Can You Hear Me Now?) is the human Law of Diminishing Returns: the more resources he sinks into Iowa, the more he sinks in the polls.

Here’s the former Minnesota governor’s latest on the Iowa airwaves:

And here’s his latest problem (via ABC’s The Note):

Pawlenty Runs into Trouble with Use of ‘Miracle on Ice’ Footage in New TV Ad

Miracle on Ice? Try Mess-up on Air.

In his new TV ad “The American Comeback” Tim Pawlenty hoped to position himself as a tenacious underdog by using footage of the famous US hockey victory in the “Miracle on Ice,” but so far he has only run into problems.

Look for that ad to be off the air by around . . . now.

Exhibit B: Concerned Women for America Air Concerns about Federal Spending

The Daily Caller brings us this:

Women’s group launches parody ad attacking government spending

Leave it to women to make the debt-ceiling debate funny.

A parody ad from the group Concerned Women for America begins airing today and advertises “Spenditol,” the new miracle drug — made in Washington” and the “answer to all the painful problems Americans face.”

In a pitch-perfect spoof of the standard drug ads seen on TV, “Spenditol” features an attractive, suburban soccer mom suffering from the “chronic pain” of gas prices, potential unemployment and paying the bills.

The ad:

The conservative advocacy group, according to the Daily Caller, will spend real money running the ad:

The minute-long ad is set to run in Florida, Ohio, Nebraska and Montana, and nationally on the Fox News Channel and CNN, according to CWA, which spent $1.4 million on the campaign.

Check it out. It’s a hoot.

Exhibit C: Concerned Labor Unions for America Air Concerns about Lack of Federal Spending

Also from ABC’s The Note:

The advocacy group, Americans United for Change, is teaming up with the Service Employees International Union to go on the air with TV spots in four Republican House districts today “urging these members to stop recklessly risking defaulting on our nation’s debt and driving the economy off the cliff — a risk they’re willing to take for no other reason but to protect tax breaks for jet-owners, hedge fund managers, Big Oil and companies that outsource US jobs,” according to the groups. The ads will air on broadcast television stations on Thursday and Friday. The targets are: Reps. Sean Duffy, Wisc., Dave Camp, R-Mich., Chip Cravaack, R-Minn., and Richard Hanna, R-NY.

Representative sample:

Check out the Thelma & Louise ending. It’s a hoot.

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