Noise Of The World: Prime Minister’s Questions

One of the most excellent sidebars to the Rupert-Murdoch-Goes-Chernobyl saga has been the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions donnybrook in the British House of Commons, which C-Span has blessedly broadcast lo these many years.

Especially lively – yesterday’s proceedings:

PM David Cameron – who has former News of the World editor Andy Coulson hung around his neck like leis on a Hawaii tourist – is frantically moonwalking, while Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (no longah confused with Ed Miniband) walks all over him.

Nifty conclusion to a Wednesday New York Times piece:

In a way, Mr. Cameron is unlucky. Successive governments, most recently the Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, courted Mr. Murdoch with almost as much fervor as the current one. Mr. Cameron’s happened to be the government in power and without a chair when the music stopped.

In the wake of all this mishegoss, News Corp stock is down about 15%. David Cameron’s stock might be down even more.

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