Groupon More Like Groupoff In Boston

Despite Groupon’s touting of Boston as “one of its biggest and most successful markets,” the Wall Street Journal reports, the daily-deal site is getting pounded here.

[A]s Groupon clones have proliferated—from nine active daily-deal sites serving Boston two years ago to 33 today, according to daily deal-site aggregator Yipit—the loyalty to Groupon of both consumers and merchants offering online deals has eroded.

The Journal graphically illustrates Quincy resident Stephanie Clarkson’s  daily couponorama:

Good news for Stephanie. Bad news for Groupon.

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4 Responses to Groupon More Like Groupoff In Boston

  1. rodale says:

    Hi John,

    How interesting I just stumbled across this post. There’s a new Groupon clone on the block that is going to change daily deals forever… in addition to getting huge discounts in your mail, you will also get paid 5% of sales from the people you refer the program to!

    If you want to know more visit my blog at If you want to get involved I can help you one-on-one.

  2. arafat kazi says:

    Sir, I agree that the Groupon business model is terrible for businesses as it basically makes people wait for deals. That breaks the first (or one of the first) law/s of marketing, which is, to quote Sun Zu:

    Don’t get into price wars, dudez.

    It’s amazing just how Pavlovian consumers can get. I think that some things don’t stand up to a 30 minute argument with an intelligent person, and if your business model can’t answer that basic question, it’s pointless to go through and build a multi-billion dollar business out of it and refuse to sell it, thinking you’ll cash in much bigger at a later date.

    Although I guess it’s paid off for the Groupon CEO _and_ consumers, so tough luck, small businesses.

    And I personally have had four dinners at La Voile on Newbury Street thanks to Groupon, which I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. So I guess shafting honest working joes is worth it after all.

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