Weekly Standard/New Republic Slapfight

First there was the new edition of The New Republic:

Then there was the Weekly Standard’s Parody (actually “Not A Parody”) edition:

Which led to this post by cover-story author Eliza Gray on TNR’s website:

The Monday after my cover story on transgender rights went to print, I was eagerly awaiting feedback on how it was received. I figured there would be positive and negative reactions. But I wasn’t expecting the kind of feedback I got when, a few minutes after I sat down at my computer, a colleague plunked an issue of The Weekly Standard on my desk. On the last page of the issue, the magazine had simply reprinted TNR’s cover, labeling it “Not A Parody”–the joke apparently being that the very notion of transgendered people deserving rights is inherently ludicrous, so much so that the argument in my piece does not require refutation.

Which led to this response from WS editor William Kristol (via Politico’s On Media):

“We simply designated the New Republic’s cover as that week’s Not a Parody. It speaks for itself, and others are free to comment as they wish.”

Feel free to comment as you wish.

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8 Responses to Weekly Standard/New Republic Slapfight

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Looks like a straight-up copyright infringement case. Of course, it would be fair use if it were a parody, but it says right there that it’s NOT a parody. (Ceci n’est pas une pipe?)

    Book ’em, Dano!

  2. BP Myers says:

    They should have left it unlabeled and if called on it, simply said it was satire. Seems to cover a multitude of sins (*cough* Barnicle *cough*) lately, even retroactively.

  3. BP Myers says:

    Wow. Hadn’t seen that one. Reminds me too of Garrison Keillor’s execrable “Don’t like Christmas? Get a life” op ed last in year in which, among other things, he complained about Jews writing Christmas songs. But oh, it was satire! Didn’t you get it? Not many did. Perhaps we should retire the form entirely. It just might be that our culture has devolved such that we can no longer do it justice.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Either that or raise the bar, which of course is futile in virtually every area of American life.

  4. Caroline T. says:

    Eliza Gray wins this one handsdown!

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