Having Words With Margery Eagan

Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan writes today about the Sarah Palin-Michelle Bachmann Combine and how the two have a similarly fanciful grasp of American history. Eagan also points to Palin’s refreshingly inventive approach to the English language:

On a lighter note, Sarah gave us the “words” refudiate, misunderestimate, squirmish (what she says we’re up to in Libya) and, lest we forget, “wee-wee’d up.”

Not to get technical about it, but the hardworking staff believes it was George W. Bush who was originally misunderestimated, and Barack Obama who teed up wee wee’d up.

Refudiate that, my friend.

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One Response to Having Words With Margery Eagan

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Somewhere in the Herald archives there’s an account of Eagan being corrected by George Kimball after she wrote that Mike Tyson was illiterate. She apparently came to that conclusion based on some vague impression that she never checked out.
    I went to a workshop years ago on dealing with the media, where the we were told to regard journalists as “lazy, vain, and stupid.” (It was actually a pretty upbeat presentation.) There are probably vainer and stupider columnists around than Margery Eagan, but there is nobody lazier.

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