A Slice Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

So awhile back a Papa Gino’s Express installed itself in Brookline Village, the latest chapter in the neighborhood’s upscale-downscale tug of war. (See also: Pomodoro, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and etc.)

Last month PGE, as no one calls it, handed out a bunch of coupons for free pizza slices, of which the hardworking staff gladly accepted two.

And quickly cashed in the first, which yielded a slice that was startlingly pitseleh and sadly greasy.

So the second coupon sat in our desk drawer until it was pushing expiration hard enough to break a wrist (thank you, Raymond Chandler).

Whereupon we redeemed  it.

And received, much to our surprise, a pretty decent slice, although still pitseleh.

The moral of the story: Never look a gift slice in the mouth.

So to speak.

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2 Responses to A Slice Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

  1. arafat kazi says:

    It’s been years but I am still mourning the closing down of Via Via.

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