Whiteyrama: Howie ‘Report’ Carr(d)

Boston Herald hall monitor Howie Carr’s column today engages in the Greatest American Pastime: The Assigning of Blame.

To wit:

Weld, Dukakis and others deserve blame

It takes more than two guys, no matter how monstrously evil they are, to terrorize and corrupt a city as big as Boston for 25 years. It takes a lot of craven enablers, hacks who were always available to avert their gaze, investigators who would leave no stone unturned, except of course the one the Bulgers were hiding under. Many of these people are now deceased, but not all.

Call the roll: Mike Dukakis (Billy Bulger’s valet); William Weld (“the Corrupt Midget’s boon companion”); the Boston Globe (Whitey Bulger’s valet); “all the liberal state senators, too numerous to mention, who went along for the ride”; Channel 2 (deep-sixed Chris Lydon when he “started digging a little too close to home”); and etc. (although not that many deceased).

Carr’s conclusion:

Maybe everybody who stood up to the Bulgers could have a party. Maybe rent a room, although now that I think about it, a phone booth will suffice.

Actually, hard to argue with that part.

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3 Responses to Whiteyrama: Howie ‘Report’ Carr(d)

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  2. Fred Grosso says:

    Bulger is entitled to justice, but this Howie Carr is entitled to point out all the snakes who winked and wobbled while Whitey whittled.

  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    Channel 2’s “Ten O’Clock News”…hmm, didn’t they first HIRE Howie, then later FIRE him. Howie wouldn’t be carrying a grudge against WGBH after all these years, would he?

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