This Is What The WSJ Does Better Than Any Other Newspaper

Despite Rupert Murdoch’s untender ministrations (and its Crazyhead editorial section), the Wall Street Journal is still one of Western Civilization’s great newspapers, especially in the Arts & Culture arena.

Exhibit Umpteen: This Friday Journal piece about the Barnes Foundation moving its art collection to a new home in Philadelphia:

The $25 Billion Art Move

Chances are, absolutely nothing will go wrong when the Barnes Foundation closes its doors on July 3 and begins the process of transporting its art collection to a new building down the street from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, next to the Rodin Museum. After all, the hard part is over, the near-decade of court filings seeking to enable, or prevent, the move of a collection estimated in some quarters to be worth as much as $25 billion. What’s left is a six-mile trip, normally a 20-minute drive from the Barnes’s quiet longtime home in suburban Merion, Pa., to the new location, slated to open next May.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy:

Combative chemist Albert Barnes accumulated perhaps the greatest Impressionist and post-Impressionist art collection in the world: 181 paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 69 by Paul Cézanne, 59 of Henri Matisse and more. The works to be moved include Cézanne’s “Bathers,” Georges Seurat’s “Models,” Vincent Van Gogh’s “Postman” and the spectacular mural “The Dance II,” which Dr. Barnes commissioned Matisse to create for the space being vacated. There are five versions of Cézanne’s much-revered “The Card Players” in the world; the one hanging at the Barnes is the biggest, and many think the best. About 4,200 works will be moved, at undisclosed departure times between July and next spring.

Along with its helpful review of the torturous legal path the Barnes traveled to make this move, the Journal provides two other features: a Great Art Thefts slideshow, and an Art Theft in the Movies review.

You can get all that from multiple sources, but from one?

Credit where credit’s due, yes?

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