The Dead-Tree Boston Herald Dead In The Water?

At 1 AM today, as the lateworking staff noted, the Boston Herald website featured this:

Police say Whitey Bulger arrested in Santa Monica

LOS ANGELES — James “Whitey” Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list for his alleged role in 19 murders, has been captured near Los Angeles after living on the run for 16 years, authorities said Wednesday.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Rudy Flores said his agency was informed of the arrest by the FBI.

But the front page of the Herald that arrived at the Global Worldwide Headquarters several hours later featured this:

Callahan Rips Meddling Menino on Nike Flap:



No mention anywhere in the paper of Heeeeeere’s . . . Whitey!

Later editions of the Herald had this on Page One:

Maybe this is why only seven and a half people have home-delivery subscriptions to the Herald: BECAUSE IT’S NOT EVEN PRINTED ON THE SAME DAY YOU GET IT!!!

I know, I know – keep my shirt on.

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4 Responses to The Dead-Tree Boston Herald Dead In The Water?

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Is the Globe printing the Herald yet? When they do, what games do you think they’ll play with deadlines?

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    Your 1 am note (showed up in my aggregator at 8:57 am) missed the 1:37 am Boston Globe story on their website. Their own story.

    You also failed to note that the 1 am Boston Herald website story was actually just an AP story — nothing by the Herald staff themselves.

    My delivered Boston Globe this morning had the Whitey story in huge print — the Globe made deadline, holding the presses.

    Here’s the most interesting tidbit: the Herald has removed all trace of their no-Whitey front page from their website. They are only showing their late-edition replacement front page with Whitey on it. They realize how embarrassing it looks — even when the late-working staff at Campaign Outsider seemed to be noting how good they looked at 1 am.

    When you get a chance, please scan and/or photograph the dead tree edition of the Herald’s front page and put it up — you’ll have a scoop and a collector’s edition you can sell on eBay.

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  4. Nial says:

    It’s no “Dewey Defeats Truman”. It’s not even a “Marsha up 15 with 9 days to go”.

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