Boston Herald: Put Another Speaker On The Barbie

Could Massachusetts rack up a felonious fourpeat?

From today’s Boston Herald:

With three predecessors now felons, House Speaker Robert DeLeo starts this week under a cloud of scrutiny as questions linger from Salvatore DiMasi’s trial and investigators sort through a Probation Department scandal — all while Beacon Hill prepares to get cozy with casino lobbyists.

“I think what came out in the DiMasi trial certainly underscores that certain corporate interests will try to use the system behind closed doors to try to get a special advantage,” state Sen. James Eldridge (D-Acton) told the Herald. “I think that same dynamic exists within the casino industry.”

DeLeo insists legislators have worked hard to reform government. But the six-week trial — ending in DiMasi’s conviction on charges of public corruption, extortion and fraud last week — raised issues in regard to how DeLeo rose to power.

So DeLeo’s in a jackpot over casino lobbying and Probation Department patronage.

Anyone want to lay odds on how long DeLeo’s probation will last?


From our Oh, Wait bureau:

Herald columnist-cum-Democratic-lobbyist Doug Rubin thinks DeLeo is sittin’ pretty:

Don’t look now, but there’s a speaker from Massachusetts on a roll. Speaker Bob DeLeo has quietly and effectively led the House on an impressive run this year, challenging the status quo to pass a serious municipal health reform bill, effectively addressing the Probation scandal, and managing a difficult budget. Now according to published reports, he’s close to passing expanded gaming — a top priority of his — which would be a major victory for DeLeo personally. He and Senate President Terry Murray deserve credit for delivering a strong legislative session in the midst of many outside distractions.

Really? Looks like somebody at the Herald needs a dopeslap.

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1 Response to Boston Herald: Put Another Speaker On The Barbie

  1. The Superess says:

    ‘It will not do to keep one’s own pigs lean.’ Middlemarch ~ Eliot

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