Campaign Outsider Critics Corner (Art Gallery Department)

Picks ‘n’ pans from two days of gallery-hopping in the Big Town (sorry no links, still iPadlocked):


* Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best at the International Center for Photography. Sharp, witty photographs from Che Guevara to Paris pooches.

* George Grosz Watercolors at the Soufer Gallery. Much less depressing than Grosz’s usual work.

* Chaim Soutine/Francis Bacon at Helly Nemad Gallery. Separated at birth?

* Art on Art at Adam Baumgold Gallery. On art.

* Picasso and Marie-Therese: L’amour fou at Gagosian Chelsea. Absolutely Pablovian.

* Robert Mapplethorpe: 50 Americans at Sean Kelly Gallery. Who knew Mapplethorpe had this range of subjects and talent?

* Julie Speidel: Tempat at Winston Wachter Fine Art. Stone(work) good.

* Mary Frank: Transformations at D C Moore Chelsea. Any relation to Robert Frank?

* John Henry: Poetic Builder at Flomenhaft Gallery. Metal in motion.


* Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works at Cheim & Reid. Just sew-sew.

* Salvatore Scarpitta: Trajectory at Marianne Boesky Gallery. Tough sledding.

* Richard Tuttle: What’s the Wind at Pace Chelsea. What’s the point?

* Arshile Gorky at Gagosian Midtown. Dorky.

Tomorrow: Museum musings.

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