GOP: Grand Oy! Party

The bigger the Republican presidential pool gets, the smaller it looks.

Here are the latest entries from the Great Mentioner:

1) Via Politico Playbook:

–TEXAS GOV. RICK PERRY: @gretawire: i think Gov Perry will run….he did not say that but did admit he was / is tempted

2) Via The Daily Caller:

George Pataki says he’s open to 2012 bid

Bad enough Rudy Giuliani has been murmuring about a run. But Perry? Pataki??

Does this barrel even have a bottom to scrape?

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4 Responses to GOP: Grand Oy! Party

  1. CJ says:

    Is it possible that all these “Maybe I’ll run” trial balloons are really a grand design to make a front runner, or white knight, look like a strong survivor by comparison, instead of the last domino in a row left to fall.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Yea… Jack E. Robinson could show up again!

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