Tyler Hicks’ BU COMmencement Address

New York Times photographer, Boston University alum (’92), and recent Libyan kidnapee Tyler Hicks delivered the commencement address Sunday to BU College of Communication grads, and it was the cosmic opposite of Katie Couric’s pert and perky performance at the university-wide commencement.

Hicks was serious as gum surgery as he detailed his career (photographer Chris Hondros – killed last month on assignment in Libya – was his first newspaper boss, although only for a day), his recent violent detention by Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces in Ajdabiya, and his enduring passion for what he does.

(Slideshow of his photographs here, via BU Today.)

Hicks told the grads this is a terrible time to be in the communications business, but that “the need to know, spread knowledge, and witness has never been greater.” He advised that they “go where no one else wants to be, stick it out, and see where it takes you.”

And he concluded with a call for them to “be brave and make a difference.”

No question Tyler Hicks has done both.

Here’s the entire address. Highly recommended viewing.

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2 Responses to Tyler Hicks’ BU COMmencement Address

  1. One of the great photographers and I have been a fan for years. Congratulations. How can I get in touch with him at NY Times? I am a painter/artist who would like to get in touch with him in re his work. Thank you.

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