C.J. Chivers, As In Shivers (Libyan Burial Edition)

The latest from incomparable New York Times reporter C.J. Shivers:

Libyan City Buries Its Attackers Respectfully

MISURATA, Libya — The gravediggers worked methodically and with few words. By now their grisly labor was a routine.

The corpses of the soldiers of Col.Muammar el-Qaddafi, wrapped in cloth or plastic sheets, had arrived in trucks. The men who would bury them sprinkled perfumed powder on the dead men’s burned or bloodied brows. Then they prayed. A quiet processional began.

The gravediggers carried each corpse over the sand and lowered it inside a waiting box. Each was placed right shoulder down, left side up. In this way, all of the dead men faced Mecca. At last the gravediggers closed and covered the tops of the boxes. Then came the wait for the next truck, which would bring more.

(Photograph by Brian Denton)

As always, the hardworking staff recommends you read it all.

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