Boston Dailies Give MBTA A Pass On Anti-Gay Group’s Transit Ad

From BostInnovation:

MBTA To Remove Ad Campaign From A Homophobic Website

[Monday] around 7pm,  BostonTweet posted this tweet with the accompanying image (left). The image depicts an ad from on a MBTA bus.  Although the messaging is pretty dark, it is not offensive.

That was until Greg Arney, a Boston musician, did a little homework on and noticed something extremely offensive hosted there: an audio study entitled “Gay Pride: A Sign of The End”.

Within the audio file, the speaker reads an article that contains the following: “Gay pride and same-sex marriage success is a sign from God that the end is very near”.  The speaker continues in this vein for the duration of the presentation.

When Arney tweeted at Rich Davey, the General Manager of the MBTA, questioning whether FamilyRadio had been properly vetted as a potential advertiser, Davey was quick to respond and remove the’s ad campaign from the MBTA.

The ad has been mentioned by WBUR and WCVB, although neither reported the anti-gay stance of FamilyRadio. Metro New York (!), however, did note the homophobic nature of the group.

But so far the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald have given the MBTA a free ride.

Anyone else wondering why?

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