Why Doesn’t Doug Rubin’s Boston Herald Column Run On The Op-Ed Page?

For several months now the Boston Herald has run a regular column by Doug Rubin, former chief of staff for Gov. Deval Patrick and current lobbyist for gambling giant GTech Corp., which has multimillion-dollar contracts with the Massachusetts State Lottery.

(See the hardworking staff’s Doug Rubin Thinks You’re An Idiot.)

Rubin’s latest offering in the Herald:

Scott Brown’s media control backfires

Today’s 24/7 news and social media environment puts a premium on strategic planning. Politicians, non-profits and corporations must understand that decisions they make, even if they help them win the day’s headlines, have long-term consequences that could impact their “brand” in the future.

Sen. Scott Brown learned that lesson the hard way this past week.

Rubin proceeds to wax partisan about Brown’s minimalistic press relations, “delivering his message through press releases, speeches, op-eds, and carefully chosen ‘friendly’ media interviews.”

Of course, that approach has failed Brown as he fends off questions about his Mr. Bigshot claim that he saw headshots of Osama Bin Laden at special intelligence briefings which inconveniently never happened.


Brown roared to office as a straight-talking man of the people, with TV ads showing him shaking hands in Southie and talking directly to voters from his kitchen. With his decision to employ a communications strategy that has him hiding behind his consultants and responding to legitimate questions through written statements and op-ed columns, Brown is now showing voters that he’s no different than many other D.C. politicians.

And that’s no different from the standard partisan op-ed piece, which is exactly how the Herald should be treating Rubin’s hackorama columns.

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3 Responses to Why Doesn’t Doug Rubin’s Boston Herald Column Run On The Op-Ed Page?

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    I wonder how the Herald ended up with a registered lobbyist as a columnist. Did they do a nationwide search?

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