Verizon’s Ovechtrick Or Treat

During the second intermission of Wednesday night’s Red Wings/Sharks game on Versus, this Verizon Rule the Air commercial lionizing Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin popped up:

Too bad the next report was that Alexander the Grate’s Capitals had just been swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Rule the Air?

Better the vastly overrated (and undergutted) Capitals star should have ruled the ice.

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1 Response to Verizon’s Ovechtrick Or Treat

  1. Alan Grossberg says:

    Having lived in D.C. for 40 years before moving to NH, I can assure you — without (cross)checking any stats — that few franchises in this or any sport have consistently taken under-achievement to such lofty levels. The Caps have iced this crown for now and forever.

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