1-877-Kars For Kids Song Drives People To Drink

The hardrooting staff listened to part of Wednesday’s rousing Boston Bruins’ overtime win vs. the Montreal Canadiens on the radio, and among many annoying commercials, the most annoyingest was the 1-877-Kars For Kids jingle.

The hardrooting staff is not alone in this sentiment.

Plug 1-877-Kars For Kids into the Googletron and you get results such as:

The most irritating radio commercial of all time: 1-877-Kars-4 

Kars 4 Kids Complaints – Fraud

PT | Phish | worst songs to get stuck in your head

And best of all:

I hate the 1800Kars For Kids song | Facebook

Representative sample:

I hate the 1-800-Kars For Kids song
Just for Fun – Totally Random
A group for all people that want to kill themselves everytime they hear the Kars for kids song and then can’t get it out of their heads
Privacy Type:
Open: All content is public. 
I just hear that song and am presently tying a noose so as to not have to hear it palying in my head again and again.

The hardworking staff joined.

But wait! There’s also this Facebook group:

Get the 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS Jingle off the air!

Name: Get the 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS Jingle off the air!

CategoryCommon Interest – Beliefs & Causes


This is my plea. After 14 months of streaming WFAN at work, but constantly hearing that jingle…

yes, you know it…


Enough’s enough. No more. Everybody knows the number. We all have your message. And, trust us, if we ever have a car to donate, it’s most likely being donated to the bottom of the Manasquan River. And you know why? It’s not cause we have anything against kids. We don’t. Really! We just… (read more)

Figuring “hate you” are the next two words.

So we joined that group too.

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13 Responses to 1-877-Kars For Kids Song Drives People To Drink

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Did you know the Empire Carpet guy just died? But don’t worry: His ads will continue.

  2. Steve Stein says:

    Luckily, my radio is equipped with buttons so I can change the station (to anything, anything at all!) once I hear the first guitar note of that unbearably annoying, unbelievably over-played commercial. And in the unlucky instance that the station I change to is ALSO playing the same spot (yes, it does happen!), there’s another button with which I can turn the radio OFF!

    You should get a radio with those buttons!

    (BTW, I’m starting to feel the same way about those initially cute but by now very annoying Mass Eye and Ear commercials.)

  3. Curmudgeon says:

    Do I detect desertions from the ranks of public radio?

  4. Laurence Glavin says:

    Any time I’m exposed (usually against my will) to current mass-marketed recorded material, be it contemporary pop, rock or “modern” country, EVERY selection consists of a male, female or occasionally a group, moaning and groaning, wailing and whining, screaming and screeching IN A MONOTONE! When I was a kid, there were several sheet music magazines in the stores; now my local liberry has only one, and it prints items from the past, usually called “standards”, because if they ran material from the current day, it would consist of note-clusters in the middle of the staff, and the only intervals would be provided by auto-tune. And this is different from “1-800-Kars-For-Kids” how? (BTW, I don’t listen to sports so I only occasionally hear that particular jingle; I do listen to WWZN-AM 1510, and there the great offender is “Don’t Throw Mercury In The Trash”. )

  5. Alan Grossberg says:

    I know everyone’s talking radio here, but on the TV side I’d wager one sure thing which would survive the end of the world (besides Cher and cockroaches): those hopelessly tacky Bernie & Phyl’s commercials.

  6. 2tfx says:

    i cannot believe some stage mom actually thinks this kid sings like an angel and must be on radio!and his dad is tone deaf

  7. edogg says:

    This song would be great to play non stop for the guantanamo detainees.

    • Gary Ferraro says:

      I absolutely HATE that commercial. I was just listening to Imus In The Morning & heard the first, blaring guitar notes. OFF went my radio! I turn it off every time, reflexively, for years. It’s just a naturally irritating jingle. They HAVE to know that many people feel the same way by now, so I can’t understand why they insist on torturing the public.

  8. Gary C. says:

    My obituary could read ” Fatally injured while diving towards his radio to turn it off” for either 1-877 Kars 4 kids or the commercial for the woman who can now wear sandals because she no longer has toenail fungus thanks to a local St. Louis foot doctor.

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