It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Sunday Sports Edition)

The Boston Herald has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the few newspapers in America whose Sunday circulation lags behind its daily numbers.

Amazing, since the Sunday Herald is STILL ONLY $2 – as opposed the the Boston Globe’s $3.50 and the New York Times’s knee-buckling $6.

(Yes yes – the latter two rely heavily on less-costly home subscriptions, while the Herald home-delivers to a) the hardworking staff, and b) almost no one else.)

Regardless, there are other reasons the Sunday Herald doesn’t measure up, chief among them:


Exhibit A: Yesterday’s Herald sports section failed to report 1) the Bruins’ electrifying double overtime victory against the Montreal Canadiens, and 2) the Red Sox 5-0 domination of the Los Angeles Angels.

The Sunday Globe had ’em both.

The Herald might save money by printing in the Chicopee time zone, but it’s likely losing circulation because of it.

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