Bustin’ Boston: Mediaite Whacks Hub Broadcasters

News aggregator/hall monitor Mediaite had a couple of Boston broadcasters on detention this week.

First up: Jack Edwards, who calls Boston Bruins games for regional sports outlet NESN.

A couple days ago, Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards found himself in the news for hilariously yelling at a Montreal Canadiens player to “GET UP!”

Next up:

This Exists: Local Boston TV Station Reports On Seniors Fist Fighting Over A Ceramic Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! Nothing says “holiday cheer” like seniors threatening to assault each other over holiday decorations, and this local Boston news story delivers: 75-year-old Robert Bailey is taking 73-year-old Larry Quinn to court for surrounding his (Quinn’s) home in ceramic bunnies, and has even threatened to assault him. This was Salisbury, Massachusetts big crime story of the day last night.

The news anchor delivered the news with a straight face and a hilarious “Hopping Mad” news graphic behind her, turning it over to the poor reporter that had to chase down both Quinn and Bailey for comment.

Incriminating WHDH video here.

Not our best showing, to be sure.

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1 Response to Bustin’ Boston: Mediaite Whacks Hub Broadcasters

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    WCVB-DT (still calls itself channel 5 while broadcasting on channel 20) probably offended some viewers Saturday night, during the ABC showing of the movie “The Ten Commandments” (would have been 15 if Moses hadn’t dropped one of the tablets). I tuned in at 11:00 pm for the eleven minutes of news at 11:00, and instead Charlton Heston was standing on the coast of the Red Sea because the Cecil B. Demille testament to overacting was getting to the good part. So just for fun I thought I’d watch for a while because what was state-of-the-art special effects then is just risible now. So shortly after the Israelites started trudging along on the strangely dusty terrain of what had been for eons the bottom of the Red Sea, behold (they said “behold” a lot then) there was a box in the lower left hand portion of the screen displaying the Mass Lottery’s Daily Number and Megabucks numbers. Must be a contractual requirement that they do that as soon as the numbers are drawn.

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