Campaign Trail ‘n’ Errors (Reader Comment Edition)

Splendid reader Michael Pahre sent this comment about our GOP presidential hopeful roll call:

Since you are calling the roll for declared candidates, undeclared candidates, and possible-to-likely candidates, isn’t there a Wasilla elephant in the room who you are neglecting?

Last time I checked, the odds for her nomination victory had dropped after her ill-advised post-Tucson-shooting video, but she still looks in the game from a gambling perspective.

That would be Sarah Palin who, along with thin-again proselytizer Mike Huckabee, is currently on the Fox News payroll.

The hardworking staff will include them when they stop taking paychecks from Fox News.

Our roll call, our rules.

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1 Response to Campaign Trail ‘n’ Errors (Reader Comment Edition)

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    On your Fox News Contributor purgatory list you need to add John Bolton. He has already declared that he is considering a run, but he remains on their payroll.

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