SaveFacebook: No More Prom Dress Distress

A new Facebook app establishes a registry to eliminate the heartache of Prom Dressalike Syndrome.

From The Daily Mail:

Prom dress dibs: How girls are using Facebook to ensure fellow students don’t turn up in the same gown

Turning up at a party in the same dress as someone else is a embarrassment even celebrities face. So it’s no surprise that teenage girls are keen to avoid the problem on the biggest night of their high school careers.

In an effort to ensure a unique look on prom night, students are embracing a Facebook-based service that enables them to ‘claim dibs’ on a particular dress.’s Got Dibs registry allows users to track who’s wearing what to which high school event, and get feedback on their outfit before they wear it.

You’ll find Got Dibs here. Where you find your prom dress is up to you, but be advised that Lord & Taylor is cosponsoring the site with

Via All Facebook:

Department store giant Lord & Taylor partnered with Fashism for this project, and we can only guess that the retailer hopes to get a larger cut out of the prom dress market this way.

Ya think?

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