Joan Vennochi Required Reading Link (pat. pending)

Boston Globe op-ed columnist Joan Vennochi is always a good read.

But often she’s a required read.

As in her Thursday column on the wired-like-Con-Ed Peter Meade, who was just appointed head of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, a municipal agency that essentially develops two things: 1) Opportunity for friends of Boston mayor Tom Menino; and 2) Heartache for enemies of Boston mayor Tom Menino.


To understand what Meade’s newest job title really means, consider this account of the press conference called to announce his nomination. When Meade was asked why he would return to Boston City Hall — where he worked 34 years ago for another mayor — his new boss interrupted and answered the question. “Me,’’ Menino said.

“He’s right,’’ Meade quickly replied.

He’ll be saying that a lot as BRA director.

For better or worse, Boston development is all about “Me,’’ the mayor who is well into his fifth term. As defined by “Mayor Me,’’ the development director’s job means carrying out his wishes.

The only thing Vennochi missed was the chance to coin the term “Mayor Me(nino).”

Thanks for leaving something for the rest of us, Joan.

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